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Venom and Spiderman can meet in the same film

Venom and Spiderman can meet in the same film

The two acclaimed characters of the Marvel comics universe Venom and Spiderman may meet in the same film in the near future. Marvel and Sony look hot on a cross-over.

Spider-Man and Venom, one of the best known heroes in the comic book world, have existed in the cinema world with their own films and have not come together. However, Marvel dreams of a common film in the future.

Eagerly awaited

All of the characters in the Marvel comics universe are normally broadcast at Marvel studios, but with a deal made in the past years, the Spider-Man universe has taken over Sony Entertainment. That’s why we haven’t seen Spiderman in the Avengers universe for a long time.

Finally, in 2017, the two companies came together and Marvel was given the right to broadcast Spiderman and some characters. So Tom Holland and Spider-Man appeared again in the Marvel universe.

Venom is still in Sony. In this respect, it was not known whether there would be a transition to the Marvel side. Kevin Feige said he had thoughts to bring the two characters together, and Sony was warm.

Of course, there is no clarity, but there is a possibility for the Venom-Spider-Man merger in the coming years. Given the vision performance of the Marvel heroes in recent years, there will be no unwillingness from Sony. In addition, a sequel to Venom came to light with the green light and Carnage.


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