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Toy Story 4 Closes the Week with $ 118 Million

Toy Story 4 Closes the Week with $ 118 Million

Toy Story has set new film records.

First entering released in 1995 and starring Tom Hanks, Tim Allen and final film in the Toy Story movie series where Don Rickles famous names such as takes place, took its place in movie theaters in on June 21, 2019. The Toy Story 4 film, which first opened in France and shown on June 14, closed this week with $ 118 million in revenue.

Toy Story 4, which outpaced all Toy Story movies (Toy Story 1: 29.1 million dollars, Toy Story 2: 57.3 million dollars, Toy Story 3: 11 million dollars) with a gross revenue in a week and a half.

Toy Story 4, which has achieved great success and is expected to double its box office in the coming days, has the potential for children to become the most indispensable film this year.

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