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Tenet’s Global Revenue Approaches 350 Million Dollars


Despite Christopher Nolan’s coronavirus pandemic, Tenet’s latest film, which was released worldwide, reached $ 350 million worldwide. The film generated $ 1.3 million in revenue at its eighth weekend in the US.

Tenet, which has recently been released by Christopher Nolan, earned another $ 4.6 million this weekend in 61 global markets. The film, which was shown in 1801 theaters across the US, earned $ 1.3 million in ticket sales in the country over the weekend, and by the end of the eighth week, it was down 15% from the previous week.

Tenet, whose domestic revenue has increased to $ 52.5 million with the latest figures, is expected to surpass the domestic revenue of Prestige, produced in 2006, this week at $ 53.1 million. When we look at the global market, the film, which increased its worldwide revenue to 341.4 million dollars, still manages to attract attention in some regions.

How is Tenet doing in the global market?

Tenet’s Global Revenue Approaches 350 Million Dollars

China is one of the countries where Tenet attracts the most attention, with $ 66 million in box office revenues. However, Japan with $ 23 million, the United Kingdom with $ 22 million, France with $ 19 million and Germany with $ 18 million are among the countries where Tenet earned the most revenue.

Even Interstellar (Interstellar), which grossed a total of $ 677 million, ‘only’ $ 34 million in the UK in 2014/2015. At this point, Tenet, which achieved results close to Interstellar despite the pandemic in the UK, has earned more than twice that of Interstellar in Japan.

Without the pandemic, Tenet would likely have generated a revenue of about $ 400 million overseas and $ 165 million in the US to $ 565 million. But the current global gross of $ 341.4 million makes the movie one of the biggest live-action Hollywood originals since Gravity, which was released in late 2013.

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