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Spider-Man New Trailer from Far From Home!


A whole new trailer came from Spider-Man: Far From Home, where we will complete the third stage of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

On previous tracks, we saw that Peter Parker, who was on his European holiday with his friends, suddenly came into contact with SHIELD president Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson). For help from Parker to deal with a humanitarian threat, Fury, along with Spider-Man and Mysterio, will try to eliminate this danger.

Spider-Man: Far from Home’s new trailer begins with Iron Man, just like the previous teaser. As you know, we have said goodbye to Tony Stark at the Avengers: Endgame. Parker, He seems to be still unable to digest the loss of his beloved Stark. But that doesn’t stop him from saving the world, of course.

Actually, the trailer doesn’t give us anything new about the movie. We already know that Spider-Man will cooperate with Mysterio. In the trailers published so far, We saw both fighting together against the common enemy. However, we may be able to witness some moments that the couple may face. Do not say, did not.

The second ring of the series, as always, was shot by Sony in partnership with Marvel. Director Chris McKenna and Erik Sommers write the screenplay of Jon Watts in the director’s chair.

Spider-Man costume Tom Spider-Man for the fifth time Spider-Man will be released on July 2.


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