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Sonic movie vision on incoming reactions postponed


On the internet ‘ due to the terrible design ‘ criticism of the Sonic the Hedgehog film was postponed.The film’s vision date, scheduled for release in November, was taken on February 20, 2020.Looks like Sonic’s going to take three more months to fix his hero’s appearance.

Director Jeff Fowler wrote to Twitter “We’re going to need some time to make Sonic right,” and “No visual effects artist was harmed in the making of the film” Hashtagini used.

There’s a lot of interest in filming. We can connect it to the fact that Sonic is one of the nostalgic and well-known video game characters.The movie’s trailer was viewed over 31 million on YouTube, and most of the criticism was on Sonic’s character design.

Like Sonic’s fans, Yuji Naka, one of its original creators, expressed concern over Twitter with images from Sonic’s trailer and praised Sonic fans for their reactions to character design.Yuji Naka, “the power of Sonic fans is amazing, it’s nice to go in a good direction.Thank you for your love for Sonic. “

Performed by Ben Schwartz in the film, Sonic will unite with his best friend Tom Wachowski (James Marsden) and try to stop the bad character Dr. Robotnik (Jim Carrey).


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