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Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram hacked!

Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram hacked!

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently hacked Twitter account today, a new hack news came today. Robert Downey Jr., Iron Man and Tony Stark. Instagram account is stolen on the agenda.

Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram account has been hacked!

Although social media platforms continue to take more security measures, security gaps do not close completely. Following the Twitter CEO’s Twitter account hacking recently, Robert Downey Jr., now known as Iron Man, was hacked into Instagram.

Although it is not known who stole the famous actor’s Instagram account, a shared post has created a tragicomic situation. Both the shipment and story sharing were made through the famous actor’s account, and it was claimed that he would present many iPhone XS and Tesla Model X cars.

The situation was quickly recognized and all shipments were deleted, allowing access to the account within a very short time. But it is still unknown who stole the account. The famous player has not yet come to an official statement.


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