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Preparations for Thor 4


Marvel Studios officially began preparations for the new Thor film. Thor: Ragnarok’s beloved director Taika Waititi will be the author of the new film.

Preparations for Thor 4

The plans for the Marvel Cinematic Universe Avengers: Endgame are slowly beginning to emerge. Just before Comic-Con, the first information for the new Thor movie came out. The Hollywood Reporter reports today that Marvel Studios have officially started preparing for Thor 4.

Marvel also made a deal with the director of the new Thor movie. Thor: Ragnarok’s beloved director Taika Waititi is officially returning for Thor 4. Chris Hemsworth will also star again. We don’t have any information about the subject of the film or the history of the vision at the moment. However, new details can be shared at the Comic-Con event to be held in the coming days.

With the start of Thor 4 preparations, there was a postponement of the Akira live action film, which Taika Waititi was working on. According to Variety, Waititi decided to shelve the Akira project for a while to concentrate on Thor 4. Akira was expected to be released in May 2021. Now the project is expected to be postponed for at least a few years.

As you know, the Thor series managed to put it on the previous one with every new film. In particular, Thor: Ragnarok was one of Marvel’s most successful films, both critically and in the box office. With the return of Taika Waititi, the expectations from Thor 4 are quite high. Let’s see when the new movie comes out.


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