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Officially Announced: ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Coming


Breaking Bad has said that the series that shook the television world will now be screened. Moreover, the film has already been completed.

There are many domestic and foreign productions in the world of television. But there are some shows that their fame doesn’t end even after they say goodbye to television. One of them is the US television series Breaking Bad, designed by Vince Gilligan. It has been almost 6 years since the end of the show, but it is still possible to find someone who praises somewhere about Breaking Bad.

When the series became so popular, a Breaking Bad production was expected to appear on the big screen. However, until now, we did not even know when such a production would be released and whether such a production existed. Bob Odenkirk, one of the actors in the series, both officially approved the film Breaking Bad and surprised the fans of Breaking Bad.

Breaking Bad is already finished

Officially Announced: ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Coming

In an extensive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Odenkirk confirmed the existence of Breaking Bad. What is surprising is that the film Breaking Bad has already been completed. Yeah, even when we didn’t even exist, somebody was shooting Breaking Bad, where millions of people were waiting impatiently. We know very little about the film right now, but it doesn’t matter, we now know that Breaking Bad is coming.

Since we don’t know anything about the film, we can make some assumptions, but we can say that these assumptions lead us to a bottomless well. As you know, the leading role in the final of Breaking Bad was dying Walter White. So we’re not going to see Walter White in a Breaking Bad movie today. In this case, we can watch what happened after the other leading role of Jesse Pinkman’s Walter White.

Breaking Bad movie will probably pass in the past

Officially Announced: ‘Breaking Bad’ Movie Coming

According to another estimate, Breaking Bad will lead the series to the beginning of the show, not from where it left off. In such a case, we can say that Bryan Cranston, who plays Walter White, might be in the film. We’re probably going to see a breakthrough in the past years, when Walter White gets bored of his life as a simple chemistry teacher and makes a little more hayat exciting hayat life.

To be honest, it is a great success that the filmmakers can keep the filming of Breaking Bad complete at a time when the internet is so widespread and even the biggest secrets are somehow leaked online. However, now that we know the existence of the film, we expect to know more about Breaking Bad soon.


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