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News that upset Fast and Furious fans

News that upset Fast and Furious fans

The Fast and Furious series, which was liked by many cinema lovers, dragged the audience to a different adventure from its 6th movie. With the addition of Hobbs and Shaw characters, the last movie of the series, whose action rate increased, will be Fast and Furious 11.

Fast and Furious 11 will be the last movie in the series

The Fast and Furious 9 movie, which was postponed due to the pandemic process, was postponed to April 2, 2021. The delay of the Fast and Furious 9 movie had a bad effect on the game developed for the Fast and Furious movie. Fast and Furious Crossroads, which was released on August 7, did not meet the expectations of the players.

Although the Fast and Furious series had good box office revenues, it was among the rumors that the series would be finished. In an interview with Total Film, Vin Diesel announced that the movie Fast and Furious 10 will be divided into several episodes and the series will end with Fast and Furious 11.

It was announced that the movie Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw was appreciated by the audience and that the second movie would be shot. It is thought that there will be more than one sequel to the Fast and Furious Hobbs and Shaw movie, which has $ 760 million at the box office.

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