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New Saw Movie Set To Start Filming This Month

New Saw Movie Set To Start Filming This Month

The new Saw movie will begin filming by the end of this month as revealed on social media by director Darren Lynn Bousman. In May, it was revealed that Chris Rock conceptualized the new story.

Created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell, the Saw franchise debuted in 2004. Tobin Bell stars as the conniving John Kramer aka Jigsaw, a man suffering from an inoperable tumor who “inspires” various people by testing them with deadly games. The original Saw film was a massive financial success, as it was produced for just $1 million and topped $100 million at the box office. The aforementioned Bousman was enlisted for Saw IISaw III, and Saw IV, all of which were wildly successful as well. After three more franchise installments released between 2008 and 2010, the Spierig Brothers released the eighth film, Jigsaw, in October 2017. Produced for $10 million, Jigsawearned $103 million in ticket sales. Now, the latest installment will apparently take the franchise back to its roots. 

On Twitter, Bousman confirmed that Saw 9 will begin filming this month. The director’s tweet has a nostalgic tone, as he implies that he didn’t anticipate ever working on another Saw film. Bousman also teases the still-untitled project and its horror aesthetics by noting, “Gotta be honest. No one is ready for the insanity about to bleed out on screen!” The new franchise film will be co-produced by Rock, Wan, and Whannell. Meanwhile, both Pete Goldfinger and Josh Stolberg will adapt Rock’s premise for the big screen. The duo previously worked together for Sorority RowPiranha 3DPiranha 3DD, and Jigsaw. Check out Bousman’s full tweet below.

The cast hasn’t yet been revealed for the new Saw film, though Jordan Oram has been confirmed as the cinematographer. Since 2013, Oram has shot numerous short films, including the music videos for Drake’s “I’m Upset” and “In My Feelings.” Saw 9 and the upcoming thriller Cinema of Sleep mark the feature debuts for Oram. 

As for Rock, a former Saturday Night Live cast member, he’s been relatively quiet in recent years since writing, directing, and starring in the 2014 theatrical comedy Top Five. Rock hasn’t appeared on the big screen in 2019, though he’s leading the main cast for FX’s Fargo season 4. The latest installment will be set it Kansas City, with Rock portraying the leader of a crime syndicate. 

Since Fargo is known for its black humor, perhaps Rock’s story for the new Saw film will be comprised of dark horror and some brief moments of comic relief. The film is being described as a “reimagining” of the original 2004 film, so fans can expect some familiar aesthetics but with an entirely different narrative tone, at least if Rock truly wants to create something original. And perhaps the former sketch comedy star will enlist some of his old pals for some intense situational horror in the new Saw.


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