New Resident Evil Movie Release Date Announced

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When’s the new Resident Evil movie coming out? The question, which millions of spectators were eagerly awaiting, finally received a statement that addressed the question marks.

New Resident Evil Movie Release Date Announced
New Resident Evil Movie Release Date Announced

The official announcement about the release date of the new Resident Evil film has arrived. Although the film, which is shaped according to the original series of the video game, does not yet have an announced name, it became clear when the film would meet with the audience. We have some curious details about the date of the film’s launch, the plot of the film and much more.

When will the new Resident Evil Movie Be Released?

The film Resident Evil, shaped by the original video game series, has no name yet been announced, but its release date has been set. The first six films in the Deadly Experiment (Resident Evil) series, spearheaded by Paul W. S. Anderson, had almost nothing to do with Capcom’s Resident Evil game series. Resident Evil Reboot, on the other hand, was announced to be very connected to the video game, as different from the six-film film series.

Two months ago, it was announced that filming of the new Deadly Experiment had been completed. Based on the cult video game series, the film is the starting role for the world of Resident Evil. This film is directed by Johannes Roberts, the successful director of 47 Meters Down and The Strangers: Prey at Night.

In recent months, it has been stated that the film is scheduled to be brought to the audience at the beginning of September. According to the official statement, the film will be distributed locally on September 3, 2021, and will be presented to audiences in other regions in the following days. Although it does not yet have an announced name, filming is already over, and according to the information shared, the shooting went surprisingly smoothly despite the new type of coronavirus conditions.

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In his statement about Resident Evil Reboot, the film’s director said that the atmosphere of horror would dominate the film, as in the first games of the video game series. In the first three of Resident Evil’s film series, all three of Jovovich’s films featured a trio of horrors, action and thrillers.

Causing the audience to get nervous in the first three films of the series, the director sent a message that this would continue in the new film. It is thought that the film’s reference to the original video game series will make the new film a much more compatible production with the video game series.

The film will also feature many classic Capcom characters, including Claire Redfield and Jill Valentine. As we mentioned earlier, the film will take on the starting role to reveal the secret beneath what happened in Racoon City.

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