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New James Bond movie initiative from Apple

New James Bond movie initiative from Apple

With the ensuing postponement news, striking claims about the new James Bond movie No Time to Die, which has not yet met with the audience, have emerged. Apparently, Apple is working hard to add James Bond No Time to Die to its online content consumption platform. It is from other details that are also stated to be in competition in this regard.

Apple and Netflix compete for new James Bond movie

First of all, James Bond, which will be the 25th film in the series, came up with the decision to postpone it many times due to the pandemic. It is expected to be in the vision around 2021 for now. However, a more precise date of vision is still not on the agenda, the possibility of change is being discussed.

At this point, a remarkable claim was made by Drew McWeeny. Accordingly, Apple is working seriously for the new James Bond movie. It is stated that these efforts were made for the film to take its place on the digital platform directly with Apple TV + before the cinema.

It is also stated that Apple is not the only name within the scope of these studies. It is stated that Netflix has carried out a similar study and that very serious royalties are on the agenda. Netflix and Apple seem to have maximized the competition for the new movie.

If the copyrights are acquired for Apple TV +, the new movie will not reach the audience in our country since it is not active in our country for now. Netflix, as it is known, continues its active work in our country. More detailed information on this subject will continue to emerge in the following days.

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