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New images shared from Uncharted movie set


Filming of Uncharted, a game series specially developed by Naughty Dog for PlayStation, continues. Uncharted official Twitter account shared 4 photos from the movie set. Uncharted, starring Tom Holland, is eagerly awaited by fans of the game series.

Uncharted movie will be released in July 2021

The published images feature the statue, the patriarch’s cross, and atlas. In the second photo, it is clear that the patriarch’s cross is a key. More images about Uncharted will continue to come. Sony is expected to release the trailer of the movie soon. The movie can tell the continuation of the story in the game or a story in the game, or it can even be a completely different story.

The release date of the movie is stated as July 8, 2021. Unless the release date of the movie once again changes due to Covid-19, it will be released on the specified date. Also, the movie is 7 months away from its release, and usually big budget movies release their first trailers 6 months before their release. That’s why the first trailer of the Uncharted movie may arrive in a few weeks.

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