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New Batman was officially Robert Pattinson


In the DC cinematic universe, the new actor who will play Batman has finally been officially announced. According to official information from Deadline and Variety from Warner Bros., British actor Robert Pattinson will be the new Dark Knight of the screen in the coming years.

There have been rumors in the past weeks that Robert Pattinson is close to a deal with Warner Bros. In some sources, Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult had been tested for the role of Batman. However, Warner Bros. it seems that after a long-lasting decision, it finally provided a formal agreement with Robert Pattinson.

The first Batman film by Robert Pattinson will be released in 2021. The film, which is currently called The Batman, is written and directed by the renowned director of the Planet of the Apes series, Matt Reeves. Reeves said last year he wanted a new Batman actor to be 15-20 years younger than Ben Affleck in a statement he made.
As Robert Pattinson fits this tariff. Warner Bros. wants to open the way for a long Batman series with a young actor.

Matt Reeves was appointed head of The Batman project in late 2017 following Ben Affleck’s sudden departure. The new scenario prepared by Reeves is currently in its final phase. Film shoots The end of 2019
It will start like the beginning of 2020.

The Batman of Robert Pattinson will meet with movie lovers on June 25, 2021.


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