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Marvel officially announces new ‘Blade’ project


One of the biggest surprises of Marvel Studios in Comic-Con was the Blade reboot project. Our half-human / half-vampire character Blade joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel officially announces new ‘Blade’ project

One of Marvel’s beloved characters, Blade returns to the big screen after a long break. Kevin Feige, who made statements today at the San Diego Comic-Con, announced that they are working on a new Blade project. Famous actor Mahershala Ali will be the new name who plays the character of Blade.

We currently have almost no information about the new Blade project. Marvel has not yet made an official statement about whether Blade is a movie or a series. As you know, Blade was one of the first superhero films to succeed on the big screen. In this sense, the new project is expected to come out as a film again.

The Blade trilogy, in which Wesley Snipes played the leading role, had generally won the appreciation of cinema-lovers. Especially Blade (1998) and Blade II (2002) still have many fans. The new Blade movie again has great potential in terms of box office revenue.

In 2013, Marvel revoked the Blade movie rights.

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