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Marvel In Shock: The Avengers: Last Game, Released from Television

The Avengers: Endgame, which is still on display in the big screen, was shown as a pirate in a TV channel in the Philippines.

Avengers: The producers of Endgame have missed adding a little point when they say eyi Don’t spoil the film “: Don’t post the movie as a pirate. According to the Filipino News Agency, a cable broadcaster released the Avengers: Endgame movie on April 24th with a bad pirate quality.

The source of esi bad pirate quality bu in the source brought cinema to mind, because it is not logical that Marvel gave the film’s rights so quickly. It is still a matter of wonder how Orient Cable released the most anticipated film of the year as a pirate.

Although it is easy to reach pirated copies of Hollywood films, it is still not known how Orient Cable has succeeded in the recent campaign by the Filipino authorities against piracy. Marvel has not made any comments that he will start any legal proceedings at the moment, but he is expected to use local plagiarism laws.


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