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Mank, the new Netflix movie by David Fincher

Mank, the new Netflix movie by David Fincher

Netflix continues to work with famous directors. The new Netflix movie autographed by David Fincher is the result of Munch’s work. The first images appeared from the new film, and many details, ranging from the black and white format to the costumes of actors of the era, appear in the frames that are shared among themselves, and everything related to the new Netflix film “Mank”:

The new Netflix movie Mank will be in black and white!

This is the first film to meet with the audience in the fall. “Munk” directed by David Fincher, who talks about the life of German Mankievich, is filmed in black and white. The film has long been delighted. The Netflix film, which attracts the attention of both the director and the cast, tells about the script that David Fincher took on before the death of his father, Jack Fincher.

“Netflix,” as well as everything above, posted on Twitter. The film focuses on the scenario processes of Citizen Kane and psychological changes. The film starred Gary Oldman, Amanda Seyfried, Lily Collins, Tom Burke, Charles Dance, Tuppence Middleton, Arlish Howard, Joseph Cross, Ferdinand Kingsley, Jamie McShane.

As you can guess, German Mankievich portrays his character Gary Oldman. Munk, celebrating the meeting of actors with characters, is one of the most anticipated producers of Netflix.

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