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Huge revenue success from Tenet during the pandemic!

Huge revenue success from Tenet during the pandemic!

“Tenet,” signed by Christopher Nolan, which was created to save Pandemic-era cinemas, received box office success of $53 million.

Tenet has put its weight in the pandemic period with its box office success

In early 2020, Tanet was released. Construction was delayed due to the coronavirus epidemic, which led to the relaxation of the film industry with revenue of $53 million. Currently, the structure represented in 24 countries continues to run at 8.0 points in the IMDB.

Warner Broz, who’s talking about it. The president of Pictures Group and film producer Toby Emerich, speaking of the fact that they began international fiction, said: Christopher Nolan once again made a wonderful effect by making a film that needs to be watched in a white act. And so we look forward to seeing people from all over the world see Tenet. “

Despite Pandemi, the film left Dunkirk and Interstellar behind. The tenet, which did not fall below 5 million dams in ─░ngiltere, France, Germany and other countries, achieved success at the box office of $37 million. This figure is expected to increase in the coming days.

World 3. Starring John David Washington, Robert Pattinson, Elizabeth Debik, Dimple Kapadia, Michael Kane and Kenneth Branagh.

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