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Dr. Manhattan is going back! Watchmen shared long trailer


The first long trailer for the Watchmen series, which HBO has been working on for a long time, was shared. For the first time in the trailer we see Doctor Manhattan, the popular character of the series.

Dr. Manhattan is going back! Watchmen shared long trailer

HBO’s highly anticipated Watchmen series is finally on the screen. A new trailer of the show, which will begin in October, was shared today. The trailer, published at the San Diego Comic-Con, was particularly exciting for fans of the series:

We have the opportunity to see Watchmen in detail in the new trailer. Perhaps the most impressive part of the trailer was the emergence of Doctor Manhattan, the most famous character in the series. Dr. Manhattan is first seen on Mars and then on Earth. The trailer also includes characters such as Rorschach and Ozymandias.

Watchmen comics, published by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons in 1986-1987, as you know, were previously adapted by Zack Snyder to the big screen. The new Watchmen series will be much different from both comics and Snyder’s adaptation. Producer Damon Lindelof said the series would be in the same universe as the Watchmen comics, but would tell different stories.

Watchmen comics, which took place on an alternative date when superheroes were considered criminals, were highly praised and appreciated for their subject matter and narrative style. Watchmen, which was described as a revolution for the comic world of the time, was also awarded the Hugo Prize in 1989.

Original Watchmen comics were set in 1985. HBO’s series focuses on modern times. The producer team said some of the original characters might appear in the series in their aging form. For example, we see the famous actor Jeremy Irons as old Ozymandias.


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