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Darth Vader actor David Prowse has died!

Darth Vader actor David Prowse has died!

The age of the Star Wars franchise, whose first film came out in 1977, may be older than many of our readers. The first three films, called the” Star Wars trilogy”, were memorable productions in the history of cinema. David Prowse, who appeared as a Darth Vader actor in the trilogy, has sadly died.

David Prowse dies at 85

In the second film of the trilogy, he sings “Luke, I’m your father!”the death of Darth Vader, the first to be engraved in memory with his line, has deeply shaken his fans. In fact, the actor’s face and voice have never been seen in films. The voice-over was dubbed by American actor James Earl Jones. Yet this actor seems to be remembered for that promise. David Prowse, born in 1935, considered his life outside of cinema professionally through sports.

Following his death, The Hollywood Gazette published the following text::

Born in Bristol, England on 1 July 1935, Prowse was misdiagnosed with knee tuberculosis and had to wear a leg splint for four years when he was young (in fact, osteoarthritis should have been diagnosed). Nevertheless, he won the British Weightlifting Championship in 1960, before capturing the British Weightlifting Championship for three consecutive years from 1962-64. (At 50, he could still raise 700 pounds.)

Apart from being a Darth Vader actor, David Prowse also played in small-scale productions. Although these productions did not sound great, Prowse continued to play in films until 2015.

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