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Another Competitor to Netflix: NBCUniversal Joins Among Broadcast Platforms

Another Competitor to Netflix: NBCUniversal Joins Among Broadcast Platforms

Recently, media companies have begun to take on online subscription platforms one at a time. Disney, Apple and HBO have announced that Netflix has a large share in the world, but companies that want to get a share of the cake are growing. NBCUniversal announced that it will launch its own broadcasting platform next year.

Netflix reported a decrease in the number of subscribers in the US before the release of HBO, Apple and Disney’s broadcast platforms. It was announced that NBCUniversal will also participate in the broadcast platforms. The new broadcasting platform, which will be available to users in April 2020, will also host The Office series.

Steve Burke, CEO of NBCUniversal, said that the broadcasting platform they will launch will be released in April, which is very close to the release date of WarnerMedia’s HBO Max platform. In addition, both services will begin broadcasting a few months after the Apple TV + and Disney + services that will be released this fall of Apple and Disney.

Not much is known about NBCUniversal’s new broadcasting platform, but the new platform, which will host The Office after its deal with Netflix, will probably make its debut without The Office. It appears that the content of the new broadcasting platform will generally come from outside and from the UK telecommunications company Sky they bought.

Snaps of Snoopy in Space and For All Mankind, which will be broadcast on Apple TV + mentioned above, have also been published. Click here to watch Snoopy’s trailer, or click here to watch For All Mankind’s trailer.


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