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Another bad news for Wonder Woman 1984

Another bad news for Wonder Woman 1984

The pandemic process continues to have a negative impact on the film industry. Producers who want to get a smaller negative effect from existing designs continue to explain the decision to postpone. Recently, a new announcement was made on the release date of Wonder Woman 1984. Apparently, viewers were expecting Wonder Woman 1984.

New statement about Wonder Woman’s 1984 release date

Recently, Warner Bros. In the statement made by the new Wonder Woman movie, it was stated that a new postponement decision was made. According to the statement made for the moment, it seems that the Wonder Woman 1984 vision date has been set as December 25, 2020. However, the date of 25 December 2020 may not remain as an exact vision date.

To remind you, the release date of Wonder Woman 1984, which starred Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Kristen Wiig, Pedro Pascal and Robin Wright actors and directed the name of Patty Jenkins, was postponed to August 2020. Now, the fact that there is a new postponement means that a third postponement may be on the agenda.

To remind you, after delaying for a while despite the pandemic period, Nolan’s movie Tenet was in the theaters. A similar situation may be true for the new Wonder Woman movie. New information about the 2020 movies will continue to emerge in the future.

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