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First electric M model to be introduced in BMW i4 M 2021

First electric M model to be introduced in BMW i4 M 2021

Introducing the M3 and M4 models this week, BMW continues to invest in electric vehicle technology. The company announced that it will introduce the BMW i4 M model in 2021.

BMW i4 M model to be introduced in 2021

“Next year we will launch a new version of the i4 model,” said Markus Flasch, BMW M CEO. The i4 M will be introduced as the first model in the performance segment. Later, we will meet our users with performance-oriented models with hybrid technology. We have a little more time before we can produce high-performance electric vehicles and come to a level that can compare with models such as M3 and M4. “He used expressions.

Stating that M models are not only powerful cars, Flasch stated that engine noise and interior design should also comply with M performance standards. Although no information has been given about the technical specifications yet, it is expected to be higher performance than many electric vehicles.

Although electric vehicles show high performance at short distances, it is not yet possible to achieve as good results as internal combustion engines due to battery technology. For this reason, the i4 M will not yet be able to rival the M3 and M4 models.

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