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Xbox Series X’s SSD price leaked!

Xbox Series X’s SSD price leaked!

The Xbox Series X already has an NVMe SSD, and if gamers want to upgrade this storage, they can do so by inserting an SSD cartridge from the slot on the back of the console.

Xbox Series X SSD cartridge costs almost half the console

These NVMe SSD cartridges have a size of 1 TB. Microsoft had partnered with Seagate for SSD cartridges for its next generation consoles. New generation consoles have ultra-fast NVMe SSDs. Nowadays, increasing sizes of games cause these storage units to fill up in a short time. Microsoft has turned to cartridge use to provide an easy solution for users. In addition, one of the main reasons for turning to cartridge technology is to ensure that the storage unit operates at the same speed with the SSD on the motherboard.

Smyths Toys UK online store has listed the price of this 1 TB storage unit as £ 159.99 for a short time. In addition, a twitter user named Idle Sloth leaked the price of a 1 TB SSD cartridge with a tweet. In the photo it says that the price of the SSD cartridge is $ 219.99. The price of the Xbox Series X was announced as $ 499.

What do you think about the price of this SSD cartridge?

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