YouTuber Logan Paul Sued For $ 3.5 Million Over Suicide Forest Video


The world-famous YouTuber Logan Paul was sued for $ 3.5 million. The subject of the lawsuit filed by the production company Planeless Pictures is a movie called Airplane Mode, starring the famous YouTuber. The company states that a video of Paul in those years caused them $ 3.5 million in damage.

World-famous YouTuber Logan Paul, who has been on the agenda of social media with his posts from time to time, this time became the subject of a $ 3.5 million lawsuit The lawsuit filed by a production company called Planeless Pictures involved financial damage to the company due to a video released by the famous YouTuber in 2017. The company says that the $ 3.5 million it could not get from Google should be paid by Paul.

The production company in question signed a deal with Logan Paul years ago. Within the scope of this agreement, a movie called “Airplane Mode” is shot. This movie, published through various channels, is also added to paid channels such as iTunes. The company also makes an agreement with Google to make more profit. Google agrees to promote the movie called Airplane Mode under this $ 3.5 million contract. However, things are not going as planned.

Video taken by Logan Paul in Suicide Forest dissuades Google from its decision

YouTuber Logan Paul Sued For $ 3.5 Million Over Suicide Forest Video

At the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan, there is a place known as “Suicide Forest”. The vast forest area is one of the cursed places in Japan. Japanese people who want to commit suicide end their lives by coming to this forest. Here, the world-famous YouTuber goes to this forest in 2017 and takes videos. The images in the video he made were very popular in those years. Coming to the center of criticism, Paul’s internet career becomes controversial that day.

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In the movie Airplane Mode, Logan Paul and stars of the internet world such as Jake Paul, Amanda Cerny and Casey Neistat are featured. However, Google terminates its agreement with Planeless Pictures after the video in Suicide Forest. Consequently, the production company is deprived of an investment of 3.5 million dollars. Google says that the images in Logan Paul’s video in question will cause severe psychological damage, so they will not support such someone’s project.

Production company: Logan Paul knew exactly what the video he shot would lead to

The company blamed Logan Paul in its testimony to the court. According to company officials, Paul already knew the upcoming criticism for the video he made. Moreover, Paul, who knew that this situation would affect the movie called Airplane Mode and Planeless Pictures, did not give up on this video despite everything. The company now argues that the loss in those years must be charged from the famous YouTuber.

There was no explanation from the other side, Logan Paul, regarding the issue. In addition, Paul’s legal representatives did not make an official statement on this issue. However, if the court board finds the production company Planeless Pictures right, it can convict the world-famous YouTuber to pay $ 3.5 million in compensation. We will continue to convey new developments on the subject.

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