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What is the ‘G Force’ that the pilots are not exposed to?


Contrary to popular belief, the G Force, which is exposed to all people at any time, can be felt even in a car with sudden braking. Even though we have a constant effect of 1 G in our daily lives, more of this effect may be a danger to human life. So what is G force, how does it affect us?

G Force is a term derived from the word gravitational bir in English. The G Force, which can be measured by the device called accelerometer, is the name given to the production of weight value by the physical effect that any object is exposed to.

The G Force, which many people think only pilots are exposed to under the influence of us in every moment of our daily lives. This is exactly what we are exposed to in high-speed trains or in colliding cars. For a simpler example, we can think of the people in the car that had sudden braking. Contrary to popular belief, the G Force does not only influence pilots.

The size of the G Force, which is under the influence of each of us in our daily life, is 1 G. 1 G is the foundation of G Force. The reason we are exposed to this effect is, of course, the speed of gravity and rotation of Earth’s return.

According to researches, the G Force that a person can withstand for a long time is 5 G. If this effect lasts too long, the result will be inevitable death. Of course, pilots use special clothes called G Suit because they are exposed to higher levels of this effect. This clothing allows combat pilots to survive up to 9 G.

It is also dangerous for humans to be less like the G Force. The G Force, under which we are constantly under the influence of the return of our planet, will threaten vital functions, even after a long time if it is below 1 G. The best example can be given by astronauts. The astronauts remaining in the space for months are beginning to experience metabolic weakness due to the low G Force. The reason for this is the weakening of the muscles and the increase in the gaps between the bones.


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