The Mysterious Metal Monolith Seen in the USA, Turns Out It Has Been There For 4 Years


There have been new developments regarding the recently discovered monolith in the USA. While the officials from Utah made some new statements about the monolith, the enthusiasts determined the location of this monolith on Google Earth. It’s only a matter of time before the mysterious selfies explode on the internet.

In a report we shared with you yesterday, we mentioned that there is a metal-structured monolith in the barren land in the US state of Utah. In our news, where we shared the statements of the authorities with you, we also said that the place of the monolith was hidden so that the region would not be flooded with visitors. Today, we are here with a very different development. Monolith enthusiasts have managed to locate the mysterious structure via Google Earth.

After users discovered the location of the monolith, they made their way to Reddit, a popular forum. Members of Reddit, who shared the data received through Google Earth, enabled millions to learn the location of the monolith. Selfies with a seemingly mysterious monolith are booming online, it’s only a matter of time now.

Mysterious monolith looks like this from Google Earth:

The Mysterious Metal Monolith Seen in the USA, Turns Out It Has Been There For 4 Years

According to posts by Reddit users, the monolith in Utah hasn’t just arrived there. In fact, the monolith in question has been there since 2015 to 2016, according to Google Earth. Of course, it may be much earlier than that, but the last update of satellite data in those years reveals that the monolith has been there for at least 4-5 years.

The official statement about the monolith also came

Utah officials made statements about the mysterious monolith. In the statements made, it was stated that the person who buried the monolith should have devoted a serious amount of time to this process. A local government spokesperson stated that the burying and shaping were done very well and that it was very interesting. Stating that there are roads near the place where the monolith was located, but it is still not understood how a 3-meter metal was taken there, the spokesperson said that this was a madness.

The Mysterious Metal Monolith Seen in the USA, Turns Out It Has Been There For 4 Years

According to the investigations made on Google Earth, it is seen that the closest highway to the monolith’s location is an hour and a half away. The possible person who went there to plant the monolith had to cross paths that did not even have roads for a long time. The officials state that it is not possible to get there by any vehicle. The officials, who also made a statement for the enthusiasts on this issue, state that even if the region is visited by off-road vehicles, it will be left halfway and rescue teams will be needed.

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