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Spain’s Satellite Sent to Space Disappeared 8 Minutes After Launch


The satellite named Ingenio, which Spain was trying to send into space to watch Earth, disappeared 8 minutes after the launch. The company responsible for taking the satellite into orbit said that a deviation in orbit had occurred and they were sorry for the incident. The disappearance cost Spain 200 million euros.

Spain lost a satellite it sent into space to observe our planet. French company Arianspace, which is responsible for placing the satellite named Ingenio into orbit, said that they are upset about the problem in its statements. The company said that a special commission will be established with the European Space Agency regarding the disappearance and the necessary investigations will be made.

The satellite named Ingenio would be sent into space by Arianspace’s rocket named Vega. However, just 8 minutes after the rocket launch, communication with Vega was cut off. Ingenio, which is a 200 million euro project, was also buried in the darkness of space with this communication gap. Authorities said there was a deviation in orbit 8 minutes after takeoff, possibly caused by human error.

The disappearing satellite Ingenio, that’s how it looked:

Spain’s Satellite Sent to Space Disappeared 8 Minutes After Launch

Arianspace launched the Vega rocket from the Dry Space Base in South America, 8 minutes after the launch on November 17, Vega’s communication was cut off. Spanish officials have not made a statement about this so far.

By the way, the incident is not the first for Vega. In July, it was requested to be sent into space via Vega, a satellite belonging to the United Arab Emirates. However, during that launch, one of Vega’s engines had a problem, and the rocket once again disappeared in the depths of space.

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