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Scientists explain the Beirut bombing!

Scientists explain the Beirut bombing!

Yesterday, August 4, the terrible explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut became the main theme of the day around the world. Many accusations and conspiracy theories were made after videos circulated on social networks that captured the brutality of the explosion. Among these theories was a nuclear explosion.

When we watch general videos, we see a large fireball appear in the explosion, and immediately after that a large mass of clouds rises up in the form of mushrooms. This was one of the biggest factors in the theory of nuclear explosion, but this explosion wave is not characteristic of nuclei.

The explosion in Beirut is not nuclear!

If we leave the cloud that brought the atomic bomb to a standstill. There were no two terrible consequences of a nuclear explosion. Dazzling white light and very high temperature. If there were a nuclear explosion, only a heatwave would be enough to cause serious burns to the living.

Vipin Narang at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Martin Pfeiffer, Ph.D. in human history in nuclear weapons at the University of New Mexico, call the explosion non-nuclear.

According to initial calculations by Vip Narang, the explosion in Beirut amounted to 240 tons of TNT. By comparison, the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima was 1,000 times larger than the Beirut explosion.

We need more time to figure out the real cause of the explosion. The first statements by the Lebanese authorities that a very large amount of ammonium in the port causes an explosion.

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