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NASA released photos of the Australian fire!

NASA released photos of the Australian fire!

The Australian fire, which has lasted for months in front of the whole world, has almost destroyed a continent. Over 20 million acres of land in forest fires burned. Millions of animals lost their lives. There are also people who lost their lives. NASA published photos about the Australian fire with his share. NASA showed what happened with the Australian fire photos from the satellite.

NASA is on the agenda with Australian fire photos

NASA’s satellite imagery revealed the devastating impact of forest fires in Australia. One-third of Kangaroo Island, once one of the most beautiful places in the world, has vanished.

Kangaroo Island was home to many wildlife, including sea lions, koalas, and endangered bird species. However, the shared images revealed striking details about the Australian fire.

NASA’s Terra satellite took two separate photographs on December 16, 2019 and January 7, 2020. These photographs show how one-third of the island is ash. You can see different types of photos below.

A total of 480 million animals were killed in the fire, estimated to have killed 25,000 koala.

In recent months, nearly 20 million acres of land have been burned in Australia. Authorities said the fires could last for months. Meanwhile, at least 25 people lost their lives in these fires.

Chris Dickman, an ecologist at the University of Sydney, said that Australia has seen the impact of climate change before any other region in the world. These fires are seen as a preview of what will happen globally.

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