Joe Biden elected the 46th President of the USA


The result of the presidential election held in the USA on November 3 has been announced. According to the latest results from the critical Pennsylvania, where the vote count is ongoing, Biden receives 20 delegates from that state. Although the official results have not been announced yet, Biden, who has reached the number of 253 delegates from other states he has won, thus exceeding the number of 270 delegates required for the presidency, it is predicted that he is entitled to the presidency.

With the Democrats winning the election, Kamala Harris becomes vice president. Thus, for the first time in US history, a black and a woman for the first time will become vice president.

Biden, born in November 1942, will be the oldest president to go to the White House.

Joe Biden promised “to be the president of all Americans” in his first statement after the results came, and “I am proud of the American people’s trust in me and in Harris, the elected vice president. Despite unforeseen obstacles, a record number of Americans voted. proved that it beats in the heart. ” He used the expressions:

“With the end of the campaign process, it’s time to leave our anger and harsh rhetoric behind us and come together as a nation. It is time for America to unite and recover. We are the United States. And as long as we act together, there is nothing we cannot do.”

Biden supporters gathered while the vote count continued in Philadelphia, one of the most populous cities of Pennsylvania, and started celebrating in front of the vote counting center.

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Biden had been to Pennsylvania, where he also used the vote, 19 times during the election campaign. This was the state in which he started and finished his campaign.

The Republican candidate and supporters of President Donald Trump have been waiting for days in the same field. Some of the Trump supporters have been seen carrying heavy weapons; The two people had been detained on charges of illegally carrying weapons.

Celebrations are also held in states such as New York and Illinois, which heavily vote for Democrats.

Trump: This election has a long way to go

Donald Trump’s campaign team issued a written statement following the announcement that Joe Biden had won the presidential election, saying “Joe Biden has not been officially declared a winner in any state.”

Donald Trump says he will request a recount in some states since election night. Trump’s applications, which went to court with allegations of cheating in Michigan and Georgia, where he lagged behind by a small margin, were rejected because of lack of evidence.

Pennsylvania state officials also announced that “there is absolutely no fraud or irregularity”.

It was then announced that Biden had won in Nevada and won 6 more delegates. This increased the number of Biden delegates to 279.

It was announced that a recount will be made in Georgia, where Biden is ahead by a small margin and the count continues. However, the result from Georgia does not currently change the number of Biden delegates.

In case of recounts in other states, the final and official results may be announced by the end of November.

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This year there has been a significant increase in the number of voters who went to the ballot box, with a record 67 percent in US history. In this case, it increased the number of votes that went to both Democrats and Republicans.

Democrats received two percent more votes than Republicans nationwide in 2016, although they did not reach 270 delegates. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris increased it by one percent compared to 2016.

In 2016, the Democrats won in Arizona (count continues but Biden looks ahead), Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, which went to the Republicans. These states were decisive in Biden’s victory.

In addition to Georgia, some of these states have the possibility of recounting because the vote difference is very small. Official results have not been announced yet, but in the last case, Biden is expected to take the chair in January 2021.

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