It was the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic: Italy opened after 6 weeks!

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Measures have been greatly relaxed in Italy, which at one time became the central base of the coronavirus outbreak in Europe. In most of the country, where drastic measures have been in place for 6 weeks, businesses such as restaurants and cafes have started to serve outdoors, cinemas and theaters have reopened with limited capacity, and face-to-face training has been introduced in all schools.

It was the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic Italy opened after 6 weeks

Strict measures to address the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in Italy have been relaxed in much of the country.

The government, led by Prime Minister Mario Draghi, has softened daily case data in the Covid-19 outbreak and measures in areas where hospital density has fallen.

Accordingly, in the country of 21 administrative regions, 15 regions were placed in the “medium” risk category, which is indicated in “yellow”. Five regions with high case data (Sicily, Basilicata, Puglia, Kalabria, and Valle d’Aosta) were in the “high” risk category with the “orange” region.

It was the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic Italy opened after 6 weeks 1

Sardinia Island was the only region in the country that remained in the “very high” risk category of “red”. In Sardinia, strict measures will continue to be implemented for some time.

In the “yellow” colored areas, businesses such as restaurants and bar-cafes started to serve outdoors, while cinemas and theaters reopened with limited capacity.

In the regions that were categorized as “yellow”, face-to-face education was started in all schools. In addition, unlike previous practices, restaurants in “yellow” areas will remain open from today until the evening curfew begins.

A “pass” will be required for travel between regions of different color categories.

It was the epicenter of the coronavirus epidemic Italy opened after 6 weeks 2

The nationwide curfew of 22.00-05.00 will continue. Restaurants will remain closed in “orange” and “red” areas where the risk is high, and strict measures will continue to be put in place.

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Authorities, meanwhile, continue to warn the public that the reopening will be carried out carefully and that crowds will not form.

Restaurants, bars, and cafes that reopened to table service after a six-week break in the capital Rome were filled at noon.

Stefano Garbini, the operator who reopened his restaurant today near the Pantheon basilica, one of Rome’s tourist attractions, told an AA reporter: “We’ve been closed since February 22nd, we haven’t done anything in that time. We’re hoping to start well again. Although we will open the evenings on a limited basis, we hope it will go well. We expected to be open until 11 p.m., but it’s 10:00, so, unfortunately, that’s a problem.

Paolo Dell’Uomo, who has a restaurant near Termini Train Station, one of the city’s busiest stops, said, “This is a start. I hope we’ll be allowed to use the interiors as soon as possible. We can only serve outdoors until 10 p.m.,” he said.

Dell’Uomo said that they received help from the state, “We received some help, but in my opinion, it was not enough. Hopefully from mid-May we can use the interior and stay open until then if the curfew extends to 11 pm. Then you have to look at the data,” he said.

Due to the increase in cases in the country in the February-March period, strict measures were in place at the level of full closure for about 6 weeks. Some 120,000 people have died and nearly 4 million have been infected in Italy in 14 months.

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