Iranian director was murdered by his family… The blood-freezing detail of the horrific murder has been revealed!

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Iran was recently rocked by a murder that resonated with the country, with the family of Iranian director Babak Khorramdin, who had lived in Britain for many years and had recently returned to his country. Deepened investigations have uncovered blood-freezing details of the murder.

The murder of Iranian director Babak Khorramdin by his parents has caused a huge controversy in Iran.

The parents, who said they had no regrets about killing their son, admitted to police that they had previously killed their daughter and son-in-law.

Director Babak Khorramdin’s body was found dismembered Sunday in a trash can in the Ekbatan neighborhood, west of the country’s capital Tehran.

The mother and father were apprehended by security forces after the body was identified as Khorramdin’s on Monday.

In their statement to the police, the parents confessed to the murder in cold blood, and “again, they would kill their son” caused a great deal of controversy in Iran.

Meanwhile, security cameras captured the moment parents cold-bloodedly carried body parts into bags and trash cans.

The fact that the parents confessed to killing their daughters and son-in-law also fueled the confusion in Iran.

Iranians said on social media that they were appalled by what had happened, while a family debated how such a spiral of violence was seen.

Abdullah Khorramdin, the father of 47-year-old director Babak Khorramdin, claimed that “his sons are single and lead a depraved life and mistreat themselves,” the Iranian media reported.

On social media, it was claimed that Babak Khorramdin had an active social life and brought friends from Tehran’s culture and art community, and film school to the house where he lived with his family.

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According to Mohammad Shahriari, who heads Tehran’s Criminal Court, the family also confessed to killing their daughters and son-in-law, who dismembered their bodies and dumped them in trash cans.

The Rokna news website reported that director Babak Khorramdin was first drugged by his parents and then killed.

Father Abdullah Khorramdin said if he had not been detained by police, he would have killed his other two children “because they lived an immoral life.”

“My son-in-law was smuggling people”

It has long been known that Babak Khorramdin’s sister is missing.

Father Abdullah Khorramdin said his son-in-law was smuggling people, so after he died, he told relatives that he had probably disappeared because something had happened to him at the border.

The father said that after their son-in-law’s death, their daughter ‘began to live a depraved life’ so they also killed their daughter.

Babak Khorramdin, meanwhile, was allegedly about to be linked to the death of his parents’ sister.

Babak Khorramdin is remembered with candles and banners by his students, who he teaches cinema in Tehran.

Khorramdin moved to London in 2009 after studying cinema at Tehran university.

During his years in London, he made a short film about his longing for his family.

After living in London for a few years, he returned to Tehran to study cinema.

One of the reasons director Babak Khorramdin’s murder has caused a great deal of controversy in the Iranian public is that the recent “murders” of families on the grounds of honor have become one of the country’s most reactive headlines.

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The body of Ali Fazeli Monfared, a 20-year-old gay man known to friends and social media as Alireza, was found decapitated in the city of Ahvaz earlier this month.

Monfared, who disappeared on May 4, was killed by male relatives, his partner told BBC Persian.

Monfared’s death was strongly condemned by LGBT+ activists both in Iran and around the world.

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