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He would change the world

Organizations such as the New York Times and Forbes projected it as onu New Steve Jobs New. Investment in the project fell. However, the blood test device developed by Eizabeht Holmes was found to be useless.

According to the documentary, The Inventor: Out for Blood in Silicon Valley, Eizabeht Holmes announced that 16 years ago, at the age of 19, he had developed a device that would revolutionize blood tests. Edison has been able to perform cancer and cholesterol tests with a few drops of blood from a finger instead of a vein. In a short period of time, the US technology center moved to Silicon Valley, where Holmes began to accept investments for his device. Rupert Murdoch, George Shultz, Henry Kissinger and Barack Obama. The value of Theranos, founded by Holmes, rose to $ 9.5 billion.


But dreams fell into the water. It was understood that the blood test device Edison, who was described to diagnose the diseases, was in fact useless. The company value of $ 9.5 billion has been reset by determining that Holmes has tested blood samples collected in another company. Although now 35-year-old Holmes began to be called “the biggest crook in the Silicon Valley,” no fraud file was opened. Holmes’s life will be described in The Dropout.

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