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Google to be Questioned by the US Department of Justice


The US Department of Justice is preparing for an antitrust investigation against Google, according to a report published on Friday at the Wall Street Journal. According to the report, Google is being questioned by the Ministry of Justice and investigating all of its business.

Antitrust investigations, According to the report, Google’s investigation will be conducted by the Ministry of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ’s antitrust division has spent the past few weeks preparing a basis for a potential investigation.

Neither Google nor DOJ has yet to give a comment. Previously, the FTC filed an antitrust case against Google. Although Google agreed to change some commercial applications, no sanction was imposed on the technology giant.

Google still remains silent about the issue. We don’t know what will happen as a result of the case, but if Google breaks its silence in the coming days, at least we can learn some relevant information.


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