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Future cities under the ocean

Future cities under the ocean

As changes lead to heights that can wipe coastal cities off the map, billions of people will have to find a new place to live. French architect Vincent Callebout believes that the most suitable place for these people is the ocean, and designed a number of underwater skyscrapers that can become a nest for them.

Sub-oceanic cities Aequoera

The concept of an underwater city is called “Aequorea” and includes a number of buildings inspired by marine mothers, descending 1,000 meters below the water. Each “tentacle” contains 250 floors in which you can live without requiring fossil fuels (according to How it works magazine), filled with housing, offices, scientific laboratories, marine farms and gardens. Water turbines on the ocean floor turn sea flows into electricity, and biodiversity creatures give light free of charge. Food comes from coral reefs grown on balconies, and they offer residents buildings rich in mineral fertilizers, planktons, soft and other delicious seafood.

In addition, due to osmotic pressure, an infinite amount of drinking water is obtained from the ocean, and fresh air circulation is provided either by wind pipes on the surface or by electrolysis at sea water oxygen stations. If you want to visit on a nearby shield, you board a submarine that uses biofuels made of carbon and hydrogen.

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