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First clinical results of Sputnik-V vaccine registered in Russia announced


On August 11, the first clinical results of the Sputnik V. coronavirus vaccine were published in Russia. Accordingly, immunity is enough to protect against Covid-19.

First clinical results of Sputnik-V vaccine registered in Russia announced

After Russia, one of the countries that developed vaccines against the coronavirus epidemic, announced that it had registered the Kovid-19 vaccine on August 11, various discussions began in the scientific world. It was claimed that the effectiveness of the vaccine called Sputnik-V, which is based on the type-5 adeno virus, or better known as Ad5, and is used in cold or flu, will remain at low levels.

Shortly after these discussions, the medical journal Tha Lancet published the results of the Sputnik-V clinic. A paper published as part of the results notes that the vaccine used in patients based on adenoviruses rAd26-S and rAd5-S is safe for patients and has no serious side effects. The vaccine used for volunteers caused a 100 percent response of humoral immunity (a protective system using an antibody to microorganisms outside the cells), which led to an increase in vaccine production.

Accordingly, thanks to two-step practice, Sputnik-V provides long-term immunity to coronavirus in the body of all vaccinated. In this area, viruses are first attenuated, and then the RNA particles of the coronavirus are changed, which are sent to human cells. According to Denis Logunov, vice president of the Gamalei Russian Center for Research, the immunity obtained may be sufficient for reliable protection from Kovid-19.

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