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Erotic photos of Irish women leaked online by hackers

Erotic photos of Irish women leaked online by hackers

Erotic photos of Irish women, which have been thoroughly raised these days, have been a big problem. Social media platforms, especially Facebook, don’t know how to solve the problem.

These issues, which go all the way to the UK Government, are not actually the first, and erotic photographs of Irish women have long been a target. Such photos, which were published without their consent in any way, also attracted a huge reaction in society. That will probably be one of England’s main problems this week.

An Irish citizen named Megan Sims has started a campaign on this issue. Campaigns supported by Twitter are about to become the main agenda item of the Facebook platform these days.

Number of leaked nude photos is expressed in thousands

In remarks made by opposition leader McDonald, he was told that the leaked photos were too many. McDonald, who said the failure to take action on such matters “demonstrates the inadequacy of Irish law,” called on the government to take urgent action.

Although such events are sometimes underestimated, they can lead to death. Women who have nude photos on the internet can’t handle the psychological burden that this gives them. In such a case, mental distress or depression, the end of which is death, can be seen.

Such activities, another form of cyberbullying, are prohibited. But sharing seized photos on the internet is not prohibited. We can say that this is the main problem seen by many.

A woman named Dara Quigley had the disease of “walking naked in the street,” and it was a psychological problem. The cops shared his mobile recordings on WhatsApp groups. After that, the young girl committed suicide. This and events like this have become more and more of a problem. What measures do you think should be taken?

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