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Doctors Consider Penis Transplant to Trans Man for the First Time


A team of Massachusetts surgeons is planning to perform a penis transplant to a trans man. If the process takes place, it will be the first in history and be regarded as a “scientific leap” in this area.

In the past, penis transplants have been performed only a few times, and all of the transplant patients were natrans (cisgender) who lost their genitals due to war or cancer. Now, a team of Massachusetts surgeons is preparing to perform the world’s first penile transplant for a transgender man.

Surgeons think this transplant will be a big leap forward in medical history because it will require working with the anatomy of a person who has no penis, rather than attaching a donor organ to someone who has lost his penis, as in previous surgeries.

All previous transplant procedures were applied to non-trans men:

Doctors Consider Penis Transplant to Trans Man for the First Time

A urology assistant at the University of Miami, Dr. According to Justin Dubin, there have been only five penis transplants in history, and all of them have been done to non-trans men. Also, only three of these procedures were considered successful (allowing the patient to urinate and maintain an erection).

The first successful penis transplant in the world was performed in 2015 by a team of doctors at Stellenbosch University and Tygerberg Hospital in Cape Town. Doctors said they used the same techniques used during the world’s first face transplant for the procedure.

He told Insider that penile transplants are a very complex procedure due to the microscopic nerves and blood vessels that need to be connected during surgery. Dubin stated that the procedure involves connecting the urethra, which allows urine to be carried out of the body, as well as small nerves to aid in penile sensation, erection and orgasm.

Penis transplant can be revolutionary for transgender people:


transplantation in a non-trans patient is extremely difficult, but doing so in a trans patient presents a distinct complication of a different anatomy. At this point, helping the patient reach a point where they can orgasm and urinate requires a completely different and new approach. Moreover, the patient must use immunosuppressive drugs for the rest of his life to ensure that the body does not refuse the health-threatening transplant.

The problem is that doctors don’t know exactly how penis transplants will work either. At this point, it is not yet known whether a trans man who has a penis transplant will have an erection, but it is believed that sperm will not have sexual ejaculation since the male reproductive system does not exist.

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