Coronavirus: Outdoor activities resume in the UK

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Up to six outdoor gatherings and sporting events are free in the UK from this week. In Spain, about 5,000 people were allowed to attend the concert with negative Covid-19 test results.

From Monday, up to six people from two different households are free to meet in the open field and in the gardens of houses, and sports such as tennis, golf and swimming are free outdoors.

Wedding ceremonies for up to six people are now free.

However, the government reminded that mutations are spreading rapidly and warned the public not to work from home and travel long distances, even if the measures are eased.

“Although the measures have been eased, everyone must continue to follow the rules, remember to [wash] hands and face and go when you are called for vaccination,” Prime Minister Boris Johnson !.!.!
Professor Chris Whitty, who advises the government in the country’s fight against the coronavirus pandemic, said: “It is clear with evidence that the outdoors is safer than indoor areas. It is important to remember this as we move on to the next stage.”

Schools opened completely in the country on March 8th; Two-person meetings were allowed outdoors. The third phase will be moved to April 12th at the earliest. At this stage, it will be served in the open areas of restaurants, bars and cafes; Apart from vital ones such as grocery stores and pharmacies, shops will also open.

In the country where over 30 million people received the first dose of the vaccine, 19 people died due to coronavirus in the last 24 hours and 3,862 cases were detected.

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Johnson announced that the government would create a “Health Promotion Bureau” by the autumn, and that mental health protection ways and physical activities would be encouraged with expenses to be covered by the ministerial budget.

In Spain, all participants were tested and a concert for 5,000 people was held

About 5,000 people attended a concert in Barcelona, Spain, on Saturday evening, the same day the test came back negative.

It was planned to introduce a coronavirus test requirement for entry to crowded outdoor activities in the country. The concert by the band Love of Lesbian was tried as a pilot application for this.

There was no social distancing requirement for the audience who were eligible to enter the concert with negative results, but it was mandatory to wear a mask.

The concert was one of the most crowded events in Europe during the pandemic since last year.

Last week, he was allowed to attend a two-day music festival in the Netherlands with a negative test result.

A temperature measurement was also taken at the entrance to the concert in Barcelona. Throughout the day, tests were carried out near the concert venue, in huts and tents arranged by the event’s organizers.

Irish police said three of the people who entered the country from risky countries and had to be quarantined in government-cited hotels had fled, with two of the three found.

However, a third person who escaped from a hotel in Santry has not yet been found.

One of the two people found was at the same hotel in Santry; The other was staying at a hotel north of Dublin.

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Entry from 33 countries, which Ireland categorized as a “risky country,” is quarantined for 14 days at government-run hotels. The practice began on Friday.

Those who do not comply with these rules can face fines of up to €2,000 or a month in prison. Passengers also pay for the quarantine at the hotel. That’s about 1,875 euros.

Passengers from airports are escorted by Irish Police to hotels they have booked.

One of the three men who escaped from two different hotels on the second day of the practice is wanted by police.

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