Breaking news: The missing submarine was found at 850 meters!

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The submarine, which lost contact off Bali Island during the week, was reached about three days later. The vehicle with 53 soldiers reportedly ran out of oxygen and Indonesia will begin a rescue operation.

Breaking news The missing submarine was found at 850 meters

The Reuters news agency has announced to the world that the first piece of the submarine that went missing in Indonesia has been found, with the code ‘last minute’.

The Indonesian Navy submarine Nanggala, which disappeared on Wednesday 60 miles off Bali Island, had 53 soldiers on board.

The world is locked on the northern shores of Bali Island as the Indonesian military launches a search operation. He supported the search in Australia and Malaysia, as well as in the United States.

Soldiers on planes that took off as warships scanned the water watched the ocean with binoculars. An oil spill has emerged in the area where the submarine was diving.

Breaking news The missing submarine was found at 850 meters 1

The German-made KRI Nanggala-402 submarine could dive no more than 250 meters deep. The last signal from the submarine was about 600 to 700 meters deep.

It is feared the submarine will go deeper, with search and rescue teams today finding the first piece of debris believed to belong to the submarine.

The Reuters news agency reported that the submarine was spotted 850 meters below the ocean with the code ‘urgent’. The Indonesian navy has launched an operation to rescue the submarine crew.

The official statement said oxygen on the missing submarine had run out as of this morning and that no contact had been made with the crew yet.

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Indonesian Navy Commander Yudo Margono said the submarine had enough oxygen for 72 hours, adding: “We have until about 3 pm on Saturday. I hope we can get to them sooner.”

Breaking news The missing submarine was found at 850 meters 2

The depth is said to have reached up to 1,500 meters off Bali Island. Australian Submarine Institute press secretary Frank Owen says rescue systems can go 2,000 feet or deeper.

According to Owen, however, these systems, described as mini-submarines, do not have some functions, such as pumping under 600 meters and therefore are inadequate in human rescue.

The depth of the area, which was last reported from KRI Nanggala-402, brings to mind the Argentine navy submarine in 2017 in terms of the difficulty of search and rescue efforts.

The ARA San Juan military submarine, which disappeared in November 2017 with a crew of 44 while sailing in the South Atlantic Ocean, was spotted a year later 3,000 feet below the ocean.

The missing Argentine submarine was spotted at the base of a canyon just 20 kilometers from where it was diving.

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