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Bitcoin holders suffered millions of losses in a day

Bitcoin holders suffered millions of losses in a day

It can be said that crypto currencies have been very popular recently. But this popularity has reversed in units like Bitcoin and Ripple.

Especially in the last month, there has been a great interest in crypto currencies. We can say that the main reason for this interest is the events in America. The US economy was already going through a difficult period due to the pandemic. Since almost everything in the world is indexed to dollars, this situation affected all world markets.

The fact that the value of gold was determined in dollars also brought a strange dilemma. This situation directed investors to cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies such as Ripple, Etherium and Tether, especially Bitcoin, have seen their historical peaks in a short time.

These currencies, which have earned millions to their investors within days, are now in a period of collapse.

Bitcoin is losing value fast!

As you may remember, Bitcoin’s historical record came in the past days. The attraction of Bitcoin, which reached $ 41,921, has also increased the interest in other cryptocurrencies.

Ripple was also about to see its historical peak, and the rumors that emerged paved the way for this currency to suddenly see the bottom.

Currently, the wheels in the world economy have started to turn again. Events in the USA were suppressed before they got bigger. Due to the pandemic, vaccinations continue at full speed. Production lines have begun to spin again in many European countries. Thus, confidence in concrete markets has also increased.

In this context, cryptocurrencies also started to lose value. According to published reports, the value of Bitcoin has melted by 18 percent in just the last 24 hours. The value of Bitcoin, which declines to $ 33,000 levels, will probably decrease a little more. Of course we will still wait and see.

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