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Big explosion in the Lebanese capital Beirut! 63 killed, over 3 thousand wounded


In recent minutes, an explosion occurred in the Lebanese capital of Beirut near the house of former Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri. During the explosion, 2 Turkish citizens were injured. Authorities said Tel Aviv had nothing to do with the explosion. The Lebanese Ministry of Health announced a terrible balance about the explosion, the explosion in the port of Beirut killed 63 people, and the number of wounded exceeded 3,000.

The explosion in the port of Beirut occurred due to explosives stored in a warehouse near the port.

The first shots of the explosions were published by users of social networks. The footage shows that a large cloud of smoke rose from the area where the explosion occurred. This was reflected in the chambers where the second eruption of smoke occurred.


While black smoke was rising into the sky in the form of a mushroom cloud, the Lebanese Ministry of Health announced that a large number of wounded were found in the explosion.

According to Reuters, at least 70 dead.

At the opening of the Lebanese Red Cross, at least 2 thousand wounded 700 were found.

Lebanese Prime Minister Hassan Diab said those responsible would pay.

President Michel Avn declared a two-week state of emergency in the city. Avn responded to the fact that ammonium nitrate with 2750-ton explosives was stored for 6 years without safety measures.

Lebanese security sources reported that the explosion, which caused dozens of deaths and more than two thousand injuries, was due to 2,700 tons of ammonium nitrate.

Ammonium nitrate is a nitrogen compound with the chemical formula NH₄NO₃. The compound is achieved by a compound of ammonium and nitrate root. The most famous area of ​ ​ use is agricultural fertilizer. It is also a powerful explosive device.

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