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3 Million Times Watched ‘Tom Cruise’ Spooky ‘Deepfake’ Video Description

3 Million Times Watched ‘Tom Cruise’ Spooky ‘Deepfake’ Video Description

Tom Cruise has now been added to the Deepfake fury. The video, which was shared on a channel named Ctrl Shift Face, was viewed 3 million times in a short time.

With the development of artificial intelligence technology, “deepfake” videos continue to spread. These videos are shared via social media platforms and become viral in a short time.

A new one has been added to these videos. This video is shared on a channel called Ctrl Shift Face on YouTube.

The original of the shared video actually belongs in 2008. The video shows the comedian Bill Hader imitating Tom Cruise and Seth Rogen. However, while these imitations were made, Hader’s face became the face of famous names. This video was viewed more than 3 million times in a short time.

The creator of the video gave an interview to British Guardian newspaper and made some explanations about this video. The owner of the channel, which explains his name as Tom, says that the reason for preparing such videos is to draw attention to this technology.

In order to create this kind of video, artificial intelligence support should be added to the appropriate resolution of the images, said Tom, so it is extremely difficult to create deepfake videos, he says.

Tom says that users should not believe everything they see on the internet, and that they should research the data they get.


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