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‘XIII Remake’ announced postponed to 2020

‘XIII Remake’ announced postponed to 2020

Remake version of XIII game, which attracted attention with its different graphics and gameplay structure, was announced last period and announced that the game will be released this year. Today, the game under construction was postponed to 2020 was announced.

‘XIII Remake’ announced postponed to 2020

In the Microids studio, which undertook the construction of the game, Fran├žois Coulon, the top name of the project, explained the reason for the postponement along with the words, “This extra time was necessary to bring the game to the desired level.” Coulson also said, duyuru Our announcement has received a huge and good comeback. That’s why we want the game to come out in the best way we can.

The XIII, which draws attention with its Cel-Shaded graphic style, is still unclear. In the game, we were checking out agent XIII, who lost his memory and was accused of killing the President of the United States. With a mysterious story, the game will feature 34 episodes in story mode. XIII Remake C, including privacy elements, will be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch MAC and Xbox One.


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