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Xbox Series X file size of NBA 2K21 revealed

Xbox Series X file size of NBA 2K21 revealed

The NBA 2K21, which 2K Sports will present to players this month, has emerged with the file size of the Xbox Series X console. Thus, sad news came to users in terms of minimum game sizes.

Xbox Series X file size of NBA 2K21 revealed

Although the new consoles Xbox Series X, Series S and PlayStation 5 have great innovations, SSD storage units seem to be very tiring for players.

Games with 8K resolution continue to increase in parallel with the size of AAA class games. This shows that the new generation consoles with 4K resolution support may have problems in the storage part, the first example of this seems to be NBA 2K21.

A Reddit user shared a screenshot of the NBA 2K21’s Xbox Series X store page in the NBA2K banner. According to the shared screenshot, the file size of NBA 2K21 is 121.7 GB. The available space is 802 GB on the Xbox Series X and 364 GB of available space on the Series S, indicating that the problem can be very serious for gamers.

It is a matter of curiosity how the Xbox will solve the problems that may occur on the storage side.

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