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Xbox games like PlayStation may also increase in price


Several game companies, including Sony, have raised their game prices in the next generation. There is no increase on the Microsoft side yet, but it is said that this is discussed.

Xbox games like PlayStation may also increase in price

In the new generation, players will witness many changes. Of course, while most changes are pleasing to the players, some are also unhappy news. Perhaps the most striking of these unhappy news is game prices.

The details of Microsoft’s CFO Tim Stuart’s speech were released one by one the other day. The issue this time is game prices. Tim Stuart said that the game production costs were rising and they were evaluating the price increase. There is no clear situation at the moment, it has been said that a statement will be made when the time comes. However, we can see a price increase on the Xbox side as well.

Whether this price increase will be reflected in the Xbox Game Pass system is unknown for now, but it was said in previous statements that the price increase is not currently in question.

Briefly, Microsoft CFO Tim Stuart said that companies such as Sony and 2K found it logical to increase game prices and that they are currently evaluating this situation, but as we said, there is no price increase for now.

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