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World record breaking at GTA San Andreas


Launched 15 years ago, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas still maintains its validity in the gaming world thanks to its mysteries. As can be remembered, GTA Vice City was finished in 8 minutes and was quite talked about.

From here, a new world record was broken in the name of San Andreas, which was completed in 4 hours. How was this record broken and immediately reduced to 240 minutes in the final struggle?

How was the GTA San Andreas immediate finishing record broken?

The record holder, known under the pseudonym “Powdinet” made a statement on Reddit. In a statement that connects the success of the police engine to the player, was able to finish the game in 43 steps.

This method, which was very laborious, immediately increased the GTA San Andreas finishing record from 4 hours to 26 minutes. You can try the method described in both written and visual form.

Powdinet said he had been working for 3 years to find such a tactic and gave some information as to why such an event took place. The simplified explanation of the record-keeper, who stated that he found the finishing tactic in 26 minutes 1 month ago, is as follows:

The code with the pre-tag {2974507} reaches {2974510} by advancing 3 units. Using the @ 80 indicator as the transaction code, {2974507} makes the present time concept available to {2974510}.

As you can see from this, the unit {2974510}, which uses the concept that is not included in its structure, allows the player to switch from one time to another. You can reach the world record itself from below. Have a good time.

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