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Will PlayStation 5 or Xbox Scarlett be more powerful?

Will PlayStation 5 or Xbox Scarlett be more powerful?

The new era of console wars is about to begin. Sony is currently working on the PlayStation 5, and Microsoft is working on the Xbox Project Scarlett. As work continued, questions such as the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Scarlett will become more powerful began to emerge in the minds.

PlayStation 5 or Xbox Scarlett?

Some answers to the question whether it was PlayStation 5 or Xbox Scarlett began to emerge. It is not yet clear when the consoles will be released. But a significant number of authorities are ambitious about being the PlayStation 5 by the winner.

There is currently no technical information published by Microsoft. However, the Xbox Scarlett features that have so far appeared and are likely to be correct are listed as follows:

AMD processor based on Ryzen 2
AMD NAVI-based graphics
120 FPS8K resolution

It is said that the PlayStation 5 will come with similar features. The console will come with an 8-core CPU in Zen2 architecture. The Navi-based AMD graphics unit will be used on the graphics side. The storage option will be 24 GB. 4GB of DDR4 will be used as the operating system. There will also be a 2 TB SSD on the console. Of course, let us remind you that these are predictions for now.

At the same time, both consoles will now have some features that they will keep secret but will use as an important weapon.

The common features of the duo should also be closely examined.

Google Stadia will create cloud game content for both companies. There will also be backward compatibility on both consoles. So different versions of consoles can be played safely. Those who prefer Xbox Scarlett will be able to use Project xColud to access games if they have the necessary internet connection. Of course the price for this property is not yet known.

In addition, PlayStation Now will be available to PlayStation 5 players as a cloud-based gaming service. So far, some of the upcoming games for PlayStation 5 have been announced. These include Call of Duty, Cyberbunk 2077, The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield and Rainbow Six: Siege.

Xbox Scarlett will greet the players with the Halo Infinite release. On the game side, we can say that PlayStation 5 is ahead.

Until the consoles go on sale, rumors will continue to be heard. At this point, it is not possible to give a definite answer between PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett, but for now with the support of the game we can say that PS5 is ahead.

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