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Why was GTA 4 removed from sale?

Why was GTA 4 removed from sale?

Recently Rockstar Games had removed GTA 4 from the sale on Steam. Information about why the game was removed today announced. It will take some time for GTA 4 to return to the sale.

A spokesperson at Rockstar Games explained why GTA 4 was removed from the sale. There was no big reason for the incident, he said, noting that the game’s Episodes from Liberty City DLC package is still available for purchase.

The spokesperson said there were some licensing issues and said it was removed from sale because the activation key could not be generated for the game. It turned out that Grand Theft Auto 4 was created for the Games for Windows Live platform, but the activation keys of the product are currently unavailable due to Microsoft discontinuing support for this platform.

DLC packages, on the other hand, seem to be available for purchase because they are licensed separately and are not linked.

The Rockstar spokesman recently announced that they are working to keep Grand Theft Auto 4 going on sale. He said that new methods were sought and that they would resume sales as soon as possible.


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